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Giovanni Nisato, PhD.

Partner, Basel, Switzerland

Flexible Electronics, Biosensors, Organic PV/Displays Business Development Expert. 

Giovanni holds a PhD, Polymer physics, form Strasbourg University. A veteran of the printed electronics world, Giovanni is a renowned expert in his field with more than 24 years of experience in technical and business development.  Expert evaluator at the EU commission since 2014 for innovative SMEs, printed and environmentally sustainable electronic techs, he is also a former board member of the OE-A.

About Giovanni

Expertise in organic and printed electronics (OPE):

  • Flexible substrates, encapsulation technologies and metrology (permeation, mechanics)

  • Organic, hybrid electronic processing

  • Organic and printed photovoltaics

  • OLED -displays- lighting

  • Wearable sensors, electrochemical

  • General OPE know-how

  • Public-private partnership projects in EU, Switzerland.


Experiences related to printed, flexible, organic electronics:

  • International project consortium creation and coordination:

    • With CSEM:  project coordinator Sunflower – FP7 ID: 287594 - ~15Mio Eur, 17 partners; materials, technology, environmental impact for solution-processed, tandem OPV.  2011-2016

    • With Philips Research: project coordinator FlexLED- ID: IST-2001-34215. ~7 Mio Eur, 7 partners; materials and technology for ink-jet printed flexible OLED-2002-2004


  • Philips Research – Senior Scientist  - Co-developed the optical “calcium test” encapsulation measurement method 

  • Swiss center for electronics and microtechnology (CSEM) a private research and technology company 

    • Activity manager for CSEM’s overall printed electronic project portfolio 

    • Business and technology development senior manager 

    • Section Head-Polymer Optoelectronics 

    • Member of Eu and Swiss national projects including:  OPV, OLED, OTFT, medical diagnostics, consumer wearable devices


  • Founding member and contributor to the printed electronics IEC Standardization committee TC 119 for Switzerland (2014 to 2017)


  • Organic and Printed Electronics Association - OE-A

    • Elected Member to the Board of Management of the Association - 2015-2017

    • Member of the Scientific Board for the LOPE-C conference; Chair of the Short Course section 2015-2017

    • Created, led the working group encapsulation within the OE-A from 2010 to 2015

    • Led the printed/organic photovoltaic working group for the roadmap of the OE-A from to 2011 to 2017

    • 2021-present: member editorial board OE-A roadmap whitepaper


  • Expert evaluator EU commission: 2014 to date

    • Evaluation of projet proposals (funding up to ~5 Mio Eur), including for innovative SMEs, printed and environmentally sustainable electronic techs.

  • Patent application: 9 patent applications in the field of flexible electronics.


  • Education /Post-doc research:

PhD, Polymer physics, Strasbourg University 1994-1997. 

Guest scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology   1997 -1999


  • Certification:

Project Management Professional - 2020 – Project Management Institute (PMI) / Credential ID PMP 2774510


Printed Electronics


OLED display

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