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Why Sun Nano?

During the last 12 years spent as sales director in advanced and nano materials start-ups and SMEs I have noticed that once product development and production unit are operational, many innovative companies stumble on the commercial part, even though products reach expectations.

This is why I set up Sun Nano. At Sun Nano, we help advanced materials innovative SMEs to identify the most promising sectors for their products and accelerate their international sales in the United States, Europe and Asia.


Multiple factors prevent innovative SMEs from reaching their sales targets:

• a team almost exclusively composed of scientists, who expect products to be bought (rather than having to sell them),

• a budget for an international and experienced sales team limited by initial expenses for product development and production equipment,

• a first clientele resulting from an opportunistic commercial approach,

• a multitude of possible products/markets/applications that generates a dispersion of time and resources,

• much longer than expected qualification/sales cycles.


Based on this observation, I wanted to offer these innovative companies a service that I never found over my last 12 years as start-up and SME sales director: a flexible and agile marketing and sales structure, experienced and close to the field, able to intervene in the United States, Europe and Asia with an already existing relational and professional network and allowing to speed up the process of market/customer discovery, promotion and sales; all this, while avoiding wasting time in training, traveling, searching for distributors or local partners, and optimizing your sales budget. This is Sun Nano.


To do so, I have surrounded myself with professionals with between 15 and 25 years of experience in advanced, functional and nano materials in the United States, Europe and Asia. Today, John, Rick,  Ludovic and Steven are helping you, and we are growing! Our market and technical know-how cover products such as nano materials, conductive inks, coatings and fillers, curable functional coatings that are used for multiple applications such as material reinforcement (polymers, elastomers, composites), flexible electronics, wearable and medical electronics, touch screens and display, EMI shielding, battery materials, ESD protection.

Stephan Gachet

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