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Sun Nano
Stéphan Gachet CEO Sun Nano

Why Sun Nano?

Following a 15-year tenure in Business Development with leading Fortune 100 specialty materials corporations like 3M and Lubrizol, I embarked on a 12-year stint as a Sales Director in advanced and nano materials startups and SMEs. During this period, I identified a recurring challenge: While these innovative companies are adept at product development and establishing production capabilities, they often falter in market commercialization, even though their products meet the required standards.


This realization was the catalyst for founding Sun Nano. Our goal at Sun Nano is to support SMEs in the advanced materials sector by identifying profitable markets for their products and enhancing their international sales in key regions such as the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Innovative SMEs often face hurdles in meeting sales goals due to several factors:

  • Teams primarily composed of scientists who are more focused on product creation than sales,

  • Limited budgets for a seasoned, international sales team due to initial investments in product development and production equipment,

  • An initial customer base formed through an opportunistic sales approach,

  • A broad array of potential products, markets, and applications, leading to a spread of resources and time,

  • Lengthier than anticipated qualification and sales cycles.

Recognizing these challenges, Sun Nano offers a unique solution that I found lacking in my past roles: a dynamic, efficient marketing and sales structure. Our approach is hands-on and experienced, capable of operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We leverage an established network to expedite market and customer discovery, promotion, and sales. This model circumvents the need for extensive training, travel, distributor searches, or local partners, ensuring an optimized sales budget.

Our team comprises professionals with 15 to 25 years of experience in advanced, functional, and nano materials across these regions. Currently, our team, including  Ludovic, Geoffrey, Kritika, Kelly, Rick, John, Giovanni, Kerry, Ilan and Steven, is expanding to support your growth. We offer market and technical expertise in a range of products: nano materials, conductive inks, coatings, fillers, and curable functional coatings. These are applicable in various fields such as material reinforcement (polymers, elastomers, composites), flexible electronics, wearable and medical electronics, touch screens and displays, EMI shielding, battery materials, and ESD protection.

Stephan Gachet

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