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Unlock your path to success in the printed flexible electronic industry with our game-changing fractional business development services!

Expanding your new business opportunities,


Helping our clients

How we help our Clients

We manage your global sales efforts!

Utilizing a worldwide network, Providing local assistance,

Leveraging sales proficiency, and technical expertise.

Our two-stages approach to help you accelerate your sales pipeline

We assist you in recognizing and creating a marketing and sales plan tailored to your most pertinent business prospects.
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Your products, our tailored solutions
Because we understand your business.


Hybrid Electronics

Flexible Hybrid Electronics represents the future of printed circuit boards (PCB) and sensor technology. With decades of experience spanning the entire value chain, we have accumulated extensive market knowledge and established strong relationships with key industry leaders. Our team includes seasoned business development professionals and engineers who have honed their expertise at renowned companies such as Dupont, Henkel, PPG, Philips, Nissha, and others."

Additive Deposition Equipments

Through our diverse range of missions and extensive interactions with various equipment manufacturers, we have accumulated significant expertise and established a robust network within the realm of additive deposition processes. Whether it's screen printing, digital printing, 3D printing, or nano printing technologies, we are well-equipped to assist you in crafting your business strategy and harnessing our worldwide connections to facilitate your business growth.


Functional materials for hybrid electronics

Conductive materials like inks, pastes, and coatings are commonly used in electronics for circuitry, EMI shielding, and ESD protection. Sun Nano consultants, with experience at top companies like CSEM, GenesInk, Dupont, PPG, and Henkel, have a vast global network to help you acquire new customers and boost sales.

Nano Materials for Industrial Applications

Functionalized  nano materials can be used as additives for various host materials: polymers, elastomers, coatings, inks.

Our team brings you extensive market and sales knowledge for various applications: optics, reinforcement, conductivity, wear resistance, printed electronics.


Functional Polymer Additives

Polymer additives usually provide a function to the host polymer for applications in the automotive, electronics, industry equipments.

Our experience in that area is strong and we have a global network to support your supply and even produce your own compound.

We manage your marketing and sales while understanding your applications and customers.


Our Team

We comprise a highly experienced group specializing in the sales and marketing of cutting-edge technical products. Our proficiency in materials and manufacturing equipment caters to the hybrid flexible electronics sector.

Experienced, Adaptable, Worldwide Team.

Individuals you can rely on.


Stephan Gachet 


Founder & CEO. Paris, France

Advanced Materials & Flexible Electronics Business Development Expert.          

Brings deep expertise in B2B business growth and commercial know-how to companies in industrial, specialty chemical, and nano technology sectors, particularly in areas like flexible electronics, materials improvement, and energy storage. Has helped Fortune 500 B2B companies and startups from all over the world with their sales, marketing, and business expansion efforts.

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Ludovic Ferrigno, MSc, MBA


Partner. Tokyo, Japan

Nano Materials, Functional Coatings & Flexible Electronic Business Development Expert

Brings solid understanding of specialty chemicals and nano-materials such as curable functional coating, nano-composites and nano-dispersions. Focused on industries such as PCB manufacturing, optical coatings, printed electronics, automotive with 20 years of experience in Japan. Fluent in Japanese.


Geoffrey Barral, PhD


Partner. France and Taipei, Taiwan

Nano Materials, Functional Coatings & Flexible Electronic Business Development Expert

Brings solid experience of specialty chemicals, metallization, nano-materials transfer and scale up technology from lab to production. PhD in chemistry  in the field of conductive inks for inkjet printing, specialized in surface chemistry modification. Experienced in business development, industrial transfer from laboratory to production in Asia (Korea, Taiwan), technology watches and sourcing of products.


Rick Mental


Partner.  Chicago, USA

Flexible Electronic & wearable/health care  Business Development Expert

Printed electronics industry veteran with nearly four decades of experience in printed electronics to manufacture a broad range of products and components, with good focus on health care applications. 

Rick has long-term, functional relationships with numerous contacts within all main actors of the printed electronic value chain around the globe.

J Yundt1.jpg

John Yundt


Partner.  Chicago, USA

Flexible Electronic Materials & Conductive Coatings Business Development Expert

An accomplished sales and business development executive with experience in managing technology based start-ups and global business divisions.  John brings over 20 years of success in market development, as well as identifying and executing growth strategies in printed electronics and advanced materials markets.

Giovanni Nisato 2019_05 008_edited_edite

Giovanni Nisato, PhD


Partner. Basel, Switzerland

Flexible Electronics, Biosensors, Organic PV/Displays Business Development Expert.

Experienced leader of collaborative, innovation projects connecting science, technology and business. Entrepreneurial, deep analytical thinker. Experienced in supporting SMEs and start-ups to navigate early stage innovation, international organizations to ideate and manage projects outside their comfort zone. Connects businesses to increase their market impact. Very strong understanding of the value chain of organic and printed electronics (Hybrid electronics, OPV, OLED display, wearable sensors, bio sensors). Member of editorial team of the roadmap whitepaper of the OE-A; Expert evaluator EU commission.


Kerry Adams, PhD


Partner. Bristol, UK

Flexible Electronics, Biosensors Business Development Expert.          

An innovative technical and marketing leader with 24 years of experience in the flexible and printed electronics industry. Career has encompassed a wide variety of functional and management roles in technology, sales, business development and marketing. Expert in all aspects of printed and flexible electronics from process and materials through to business and market strategy. Special focus on applications within the Biomedical sector.

Ilan Ifergan.jpg

Ilan Ifergan, MSc, MBA

Middle East

Partner. Tel Aviv, Israel

Advanced Materials and Start-Up Business Development Expert.          

MBA (Recanati Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel) and Master of Science (Materials Science, ENSCBP, Bordeaux, France), Ilan brings over 15 years of professional experience in Europe, Africa and Israel and a strong knowledge of the Start-Up industry in Israel.
Involved in large project management, business development, and startups developments.

Capture d’écran 2020-10-11 à 16.16.27.

Steven Aroki, MSc, MBA

SE Asia

Partner.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Specialty Chemicals, Polymer additives & compounding Business Development Expert

Serves clients in B2B industries, specialized in polymers and additives. Drives business in plastic sheets and conductive compounds for the electronic, semiconductor and hard disk drive industries in the region.

Our Partners

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Anthos_iD and Sun Nano partner to offer a unique value proposition to companies looking for a fast, agile, full value chain solution to bring their innovations to market and convert them into revenue.



As a team of creative technologists and solution-oriented business professionals Anthos_iD helps its clients to

  • build bridges between people, technologies and companies

  • create, shape and deliverinnovative business and technology solutions

Original on Transparent.png

NETO Innovation is a consultancy company for innovation management and funding. NETO Innovation offers high quality services based on the expertise of their team in Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), project writing and management:

  • Partner search, consortium set up, and project writing.

  • Technical consultancy mainly in flexible hybrid electronics, chemistry, materials, and life science domains.

  • Project management.

  • Establishment of the financial and technical documents related to the Tax Credits for Research and for Innovation (CIR/CII).

Join Sun Nano Team

Want to join us?

If you are a specialist in your own domain, specialty chemicals, advanced materials, nano materials, battery, printed electronics, display, contact us for getting on board!

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