Efficient Business Development Solutions for Advanced Materials & Specialty Chemicals 

Sun Nano offers innovative companies efficient business development  solutions to introduce and market your new products  by providing global sales, marketing, and operations knowledge.

Sun Nano can successfully help you to introduce and market your advanced materials and chemicals and improve your global business development.

We offers over 100 years of experience in speciality chemicals, advanced and nano materials sales success in Americas, Europe and Asia.

  • FOCUSED : our global network enables reaching directly and leverage specific leads and customers for your product. No time wasted in random prospection.

  • EFFICIENT : we have technical and sales experts for each product marketed and application targeted. No time wasted on technical and marketing training.

  • COST EFFECTIVE :  our team is experienced and networked, no time wasted in useless prospection. Our deep market channel knowledge will benefit your sales. You can adjust your cost to your real needs.

Sun Nano Efficient Business Development Solutions and Consulting


How We Help Our Clients

Global Network, Local Support, Sales Expertise & Technical Knowhow

Sun Nano Buisness Development Solution and Consulting

Sun Nano can provide expertise to companies in different stages of development from start-ups to medium size companies with a wide range of business development solutions.

Advanced Materials, specialty chemicals & nano-materials commercialization often require long process qualification, multiple contacts in R&D, production and marketing. They also imply extensive travelling and high cost executive hiring.

With decades of experience in start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Sun Nano provide a cost effective non-permanent format solution with a strong interim expertise until your company can afford a full time person, team. Sun Nano can bring years of expertise to your company without the expense for a full time executive. 

As Covid-19 has made travelling more difficult, face to face meetings are scarce, and opportunities for prospection and commercialization are limited. Sun Nano provides you the ability to reach targeted leads and customers worldwide with a local contact and network. You avoid current limitations for travelling and save time getting directly to the best contact.

We are specialist of long and complex sales cycles in a high tech environment. We have a solid network worldwide on which we can rely to provide you fast and efficient sales responses and support. Sun Nano can work on an interim basis, project basis, or a semi-permanent role. 


Your business, our solutions

We know about your products

Nano Materials

Functionalized  nano materials can be used as additives for various host materials: polymers, elastomers, coatings, inks.

Our team brings you extensive market and sales knowledge for various applications: reinforcement, conductivity, wear resistance, printed electronics.

We have the experience.

Conductive Materials

Filler and conductive coatings are used in various industries, mostly electronics for ESD protection or EMI shielding.

Sun Nano experts are all familiar with this business and extremely well connected worldwide to help you land new customers and grow your sales.

We have the ressources.

Polymer Additives

Polymer additives usually provide a function to the host polymer for applications in the automotive, electronics, industry equipments.

Our experience in that area is strong and we have a global network to support your supply and even produce your own compound.

We are globally networked.

Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics is the future of PCB and sensors. We have been working on this business for severals years now, and have compounded a reliable knowledge of this market and its key players. We can provide a strong global network to support your sales development.

We know all about it.

We take care of your marketing & sales

 We Know Your Customers

Sun Nano Buisness Development Solution and Consulting

Printed Electronics & Electronics

Our team has extensive experience in those markets. We have built a strong knowledge of the value chain from back end to front end, and in packaging, supply chain, printed circuitry. 


Polymer Processing

Years of commercializing and producing polymer additives as well as compounds makes our partners able to focus your sales and marketing to the right customers world wide. We master sales for high value applications, and bring technical & commercial expertise to close those deals. 


Our team has built a network throughout the main car makers and tier 1 & 2 suppliers. Would it be in Europe, US or Asia we have the contact to promote specialty polymer additives, printed electronic materials, or conductive materials. 

Energy Storage

Energy storage and mobility are strong drivers in advanced materials. Our team has built a good network within the Li Ion battery and fuel cell value chain that can benefit our customers. It is a fast moving environment and slow to penetrate to new comers. We are able to overcome prospection and commercial roadblocks. 

ESD & EMI Protection

ESD & EMI protection materials are widely used in various applications from chip packaging to surface mount supplies and lines. The market is wide and one could be easily wasting time to focus on the right targets. We bring all our market knowledge to help you hit the right targets. 

Sun Nano Efficient Business Development Solutions and Consulting

Business Development Solutions

Market Dimensioning

Based on our clients needs we can arrange:

  • Market research and analysis

  • New product definition

  • Feature and requirements analysis

  • Create and deliver effective marketing materials

Lead Qualification

Upon our prospect database, we are able to qualify leads in terms of technical and purchase specifications, and business success  analysis.

Our local partner will be able to provide you detailed business plan in regard to your lead input.

Sales Channel Management

Thanks to our local team, we are able to select and propose adapted sales channel to each region, from distribution to agent or partners. Direct sales can be taken care by our local team if necessary.

Customer Management

Would you already have a customer base, we can directly manage your sales with our local partner, providing a direct contant and business follow up around the world.

Technical Support

Would you need a local tech support, we have the resources. We can mobilize engineers to assist your customers in their technical deployment whenever needed.

Strategy Consulting

With more than 100 years of cumulated experience in new product business development, we have the expertise to provide you with strategic planning adapted to your specific products / applications.

Mariage IS 190830DSCF3198.jpg

Stephan Gachet

Founder & CEO. Paris, France

Specialty Chemicals & Nano Materials Business Development Expert

Brings deep B2B business development and commercial expertise to companies in the industrial, specialty chemical, and nano technologies sectors. 

Supported major B2B companies as well as start-ups around the world on sales and marketing effectiveness, business development & growth strategies.

J Yundt1.jpg

John Yundt

Partner.  Chicago, USA

Printed Electronic Materials & Conductive Coatings Business Development Expert

An accomplished sales and business development executive with experience in managing technology based start-ups and global business divisions.  John brings over 20 years of success in market development, as well as identifying and executing growth strategies in printed electronics and advanced materials markets.

Photo LFerrigno2.jpg

Ludovic Ferrigno

Partner. Tokyo, Japan

Nano Materials, Functional Coatings & Printed Electronic Business Development Expert

Brings solid understanding of specialty chemicals and nano-materials such as curable functional coating, nano-composites and nano-dispersions. Focused on industries such as PCB manufacturing, optical coatings, printed electronics, automotive with 15 years of experience in Japan.

Capture d’écran 2020-10-11 à 16.16.27.

Steven Aroki

Partner.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Specialty Chemicals, Polymer additives & compounding Business Development Expert

Serves clients in B2B industries, specialized in polymers and additives. Drives business in plastic sheets and conductive compounds for the electronic, semiconductor and hard disk drive industries in the region.

Our People

Experienced, Agile, Global Team.

Genuine professionals with deep field experience in their respective domains. People you can trust.

Sun Nano Efficient Business Development Solutions and Consulting


Want to join us?

If you are a specialist in your own domain, specialty chemicals, advanced materials, nano materials, battery, printed electronics, display, contact us for getting on board!

What People Say About Us


N Inami, CEO,


"... great help in growing our business in Japan and Korea. Gave us reliable market data and marketing support that helped us to shift many prospects into business customers."


T Johansson, CEO,


"...outstanding Sales Professional endlessly and actively searching for new customers or trying to close the deals with already ongoing customer cases - a real hunter never loosing his grip with customers."


S Nakamura, MD,


"Very good day to day responsiveness,... very good knowledge of Korean and Japan market in semicon, polymers and Li Ion batteries. ... gave very good technical and marketing support helping us to get many new business opportunities."

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