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Today we launch Sun Nano the Business Development Solutions global platform!

Sun Nano was born out of a simple observation: small and medium sized companies operating in specialty chemicals and advanced materials must be able to market their products on all continents while being sustainable enough to follow relatively long sales cycles. The Covid 19 crisis has amplified this phenomenon since many companies have reduced their investments in executives of international stature, all the more so as travel opportunities are greatly reduced.

Sun Nano offers its customers the opportunity to ensure their business development in Europe, Asia and Americas by minimizing their costs while leveraging the experience, network and resources developed by Sun Nano's local partners. You will save time and money as they are able to reduce your prospecting and marketing time overseas thanks to our network and experience.

As per today Sun Nano has partners in France, the United States, Japan and Malaysia. They have decades of experience in business development and marketing of specialty chemicals of advanced materials such as nanoparticles, conductive or dissipative materials, polymer additives, printed electronic inks.

They provide our customers with their commercial network established locally for decades. It is on this accumulation of experience and network that you can count on to accelerate your sales and ensure your international business development with a local presence.

Contact us to discuss your business development projects! Keep your sales growing!

Stephan Gachet, Founder.


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