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Giovanni Nisato to join Sun Nano as its 10th partner!

Giovanni Nisato has honoured us by joining the Sun Nano team as a partner and bringing us his extensive experience in organic electronics and strong relationship with the industry through his role at the OE-A, and being an Expert evaluator at the EU commission for projects regarding innovative SMEs, printed and environmentally sustainable electronic techs.

Giovanni holds a PhD, Polymer physics, form Strasbourg University. As a veteran of the printed electronics world, Giovanni is a renowned expert in his field with more than 24 years of experience in technical and business development with global organisations such as Philipps, CSEM, OE-A.

His domains of expertise include flexible substrates, encapsulation technologies and metrology (permeation, mechanics); Organic, hybrid electronic processing; Organic and printed photovoltaics; OLED -displays- lighting; Wearable sensors, electrochemical and General OPE know-how.

Welcome Giovanni!

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